What our clients say


cleint-3The sprinkler system released and flooded our building. This was the weekend of our biggest event and in less than 36 hours 155 people would be in our bar area having drinks and then being served dinner in the Ball room. This meant we had less than 19 hours to get everything cleaned up. Brian and his team pulled off the impossible task, the kitchen opened at noon and the dinner went off without a hitch!

Vin Masotta in Wallingford, CT

cleint-3We are writing this letter to recognize the EXCELLENT customer service that Green Constructions has provided our agency for over 2 years. This winter many of our insured’s experienced water and ice dam claims and Green Constructions was fast, efficient and set our customers at ease quickly. They exceeded both our agency's and our customer's expectations.. We recommend them to ALL our customers because we know they treat our customers with highest priority and care.

Southington Insurance Center, Inc. in Southington, CT

cleint-3 The girls cleaned every room and made everything spotless. The smoke smell is gone. Wonderful. Great work!

Steve N. in Windsor, CT

cleint-3 Great work! Very professional! Would use again!

Richard C. in New Haven, CT

cleint-3 I am recommending Green Constructions to my friends and family. They are experienced, trustworthy, and hard working.

John F. in Southbury, CT

cleint-3 The team was very knowledgeable and were able to clean everything up.

Helen F. in Wallingford, CT

cleint-3 All the guys were professional and cleaned everything up for me. I am thankful my agent recommended Green Constructions!

Elizabeth A. in New Milford, CT

cleint-3 The guys responded quickly and made a bad situation better.

Beverly R. in Orange, CT

cleint-3 Nice job. Thank you so much!

Jennifer B. in Stratford, CT

cleint-3 You took care of all the damage and worked well with my insurance company.

Donald B. in Meriden, CT

cleint-3 Great crew and great service. Cleaned everything and really helped us out.

Greg W. in Waterbury, CT

cleint-3 Everyone was professional and very considerate when handling my belongings.

Mary L. in Milford, CT

cleint-3 Dear Peter and all of you employees at GC & R, Thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent in Bobby’s honor. They were prominently displayed at the church. Your sympathy and kindness are greatly appreciated. (Date is day added to website because the card does not have a date on it)

Family of Robert S. Jr. in Meriden, CT

cleint-3 To Whom It May Concern, We recently had a fire at our Complex in New Haven, CT which caused no end of water damage. Thanks to GC And R Team. You have the best crew of men ever. They were very considerate, caring, and compassionate. They certainly knew how to treat a senior who was very distressed! Bless all of them. (Letter written date unknown)

Josephine B. in New Haven, CT

cleint-3 Great job!

Maura K. in Oakville, CT

cleint-3 Everyone was great! Very polite, helpful + knowledgeable.

Daniel B. in Trumbull, CT

cleint-3 Saul was very nice and told me not to worry. I give tens for all categories of service and performance!

Rita C. in Bristol, CT

cleint-3 Angelo, Jose, Victor were all courteous, knowledgeable, focused on the job. They are to be commended along with Jessica in the office.

Laurie S. in Torrington, CT

cleint-3 Great job

Walter S. in Avon, CT

cleint-3 Work done quickly and well.

David M. in Mystic, CT

cleint-3 Great customer service – fast response – especially during a stressful time. Thank you!

Jack H. in Wallingford, CT

cleint-3 Sean with Green Constructions has given me peace of mind when it comes to emergency preparedness at my hotel. Knowing that my team and I have access to the emergency plans with the click of a button gives me confidence that we would be prepared to deal with an emergency in a safe, efficient, cost effective manner. The Emergency Ready Profile was easy to set up and even provided my team with a refresher learning opportunity about the property. (cont)

Laura A. GM Hampton Inn in Meriden, Wallingford, CT

cleint-3 My company has several hotels and I'm so confident in this program I am going to share it with them so we can ensure all our properties are emergency ready. Thanks Sean!

Laura A. GM Hampton Inn in Meriden, Wallingford, CT

cleint-3 GC & R Fire & Water Cleanup & Restoration To Whom It May Concern, On behalf of myself and Marc D., Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, we would like to thank you for your quick and professional response at Dag Hammarskjold Middle School in Wallingford, CT on January 5, 2014. We had a large amount of water damage on four floors of the building. With your teams' help, we were able to remove all the water and water damaged materials in a timely manner to avoid further damage... (cont)

Dave F. President of AFSCME Council 4 LOCAL 1303 in Wallingford, CT

cleint-3 from happening. Your team also provided a large amount of equipment to dry the building out, and allowing the school to open on time without delays. Thank you again for all that you have done from the Wallingford School System.

Pres. of Wallingford Board of Ed, Maint. Dept. in Wallingford, CT

cleint-3 I just wanted to thank you and your staff, especially Melanie & Sean for ALWAYS helping our agency and setting expectations and giving our customers EXCELLENT SPEEDY service!!!! Melanie is such a pleasure to work with, and Sean's prompt service and professionalism is why we ONLY use Green Constructions!!!!! I called in a claim this am and your team is already dispatched to help my customer get her home back in order!!!!!! (cont)

Holly M. in Southington, CT

cleint-3 Our customers are always letting us know how great your team is and I want to make sure you know we really appreciate then and although we do not want ANY claims, we feel better knowing you and your staff are taking care of them... Have a great day!!!

Holly M. in Southington, CT

cleint-3 Very pleased with the work. Had one issue, but it was resolved ASAP.

Peter S. in Southington, CT

cleint-3 We are writing this letter to recognize the EXCELLENT customer service that Green Constructions has provided our agency for over 2 years. This winter many of our insureds experienced water and ice dam claims and Green Constructions was fast, efficient and set our customers at ease quickly. Sean and his staff handle out customers with care and patience. Green Constructions exceeded both our agencies and our customers' expectations. (cont)

Holly M. Acct Exec. for Southington Insurance Co. in Southington, CT

cleint-3 We recommend them to ALL our customers because we know they treat our customers with highest priority and care. Hearing "that was easier than I thought" and "WOW they were fast" made our agency appreciate you even more!!!! Thanks for caring for our customers like we do!!!

Southington Insurance in Southington, CT in Southington, CT

cleint-3 5-Stars! Very professional service! They answered an emergency call after hours after a pipe burst in my basement. They removed the water and prevented what could have been a large amount of damage.

Elle B. in Wallingford, CT

cleint-3 Servicemen were very polite and fast working.

Southington Family Dentistry in Plantsville, CT

cleint-3 Victor and his team were very knowledgable and helpful throughout this job.

Corbetta Liberty Commons Apartments in Waterbury, CT

cleint-3 Your team has been so great this year throughout the entire fire restoration of our house. You were referred by the emergency personnel and it was 1:32 AM when we first spoke and you came out in the middle of the night to start work on things!! At that moment I knew why they referred you. I knew I could trust your knowledge and expertise and hoped for the best. I am very glad that I did!

Mark J. in Torrington, CT

cleint-3 During our initial conversation, I immediately felt like my house fire crisis was going to be handled by knowledgeable experts as quickly and painlessly as possible. I was so disoriented from the massive damages and enormous mess seeing my beautiful home in crumbled chunks of rubble and wet sheetrock, yet your representatives were patient with me and offered me a lot of very helpful advice, resources, and even brought my family snacks!

Mark J. in Torrington, CT

cleint-3 You guys gave me a ballpark quote that you beat when the final tally came in! Your company was unbelievably accommodating and caring going way above and beyond the call of duty over what I was expecting. You were forthcoming about what insurance would be likely to cover and what I could salvage that could be restored during the renovation timeframe.

Mark J. in Torrington, CT

cleint-3 Your team’s confidence in assessing what needed to be done and talking me through the ordeal calmed me down. Everyone has been so nice, professional, and courteous. They have been respectful to me and toward my home, taking great care moving the fans and dehumidifiers, my antiques, and carefully packing everything out and back in, closing outside doors, keeping in contact with me all year long. But really, the thing that shocked me most was that you charged me less than you quoted.

Mark J. in Torrington, CT

cleint-3 My positive experience speaks to your professionalism and integrity. I will HIGHLY recommend you and your company to anyone experiencing a home crisis. I would be confident in telling them that they are in very good hands and will not be taken advantage of in their desperate situation. Thanks again!

Mark J. in Torrington, CT